Caring for people, Concerned for families, Centered on Christ

Welcome to Zion Bethel Church

Affiliation: Independent Bible Church

Zion Bethel Church is located at the corner of Third and Ohio streets (across from Twin Lakes High School) in Monticello, Indiana.

Presently we have a number of ministries that are effectively touching the lives of our people, as well as those without Christ, in our community. Through a variety of ministries, many of which take place in our Family Center, people of all ages are being changed, families are being helped, and most importantly, God is being honored and glorified.

If God allows, Zion Bethel Church will continue to reach and serve the Monticello area for Christ in the years to come. If you are in the area we hope you will consider coming to one of our services. We look forward to worshipping with you.



Journey to Bethlehem —   ** Please Note **

The Journey to Bethlehem event will not take place this year, 2018. We will post in March of 2019 whether it will continue.  Our thanks to all of you who journeyed through Bethlehem, over the last 18 years. It has been a blessing  to serve the community in this way.