July 8, 2020- Wednesday Bible Study

Pastor Jeff Messer


July 5, 2020- Sunday Morning Sermon

 America the Beautiful?- Pastor Jeff Messer

America has many beautiful places and sights to see but what if you took a look at it's character? What if you looked at it spirituality? What do we stand for today in America? What are our core beliefs? It would be appropriate to say we are living in a time when the question being asked by most isn't "Is the Bible true? But is it relevant?"! Pastor Jeff looks at what the prophet Jeremiah had to say to the people of Israel about the condition of their nation and some lessons we might learn.  Text: Jeremiah 8

July 1, 2020- Wednesday Bible Study

 Romans 8:28- Pastor Jeff Messer

June 28, 2020- Sunday Morning Sermon

 A Life of Godly Choices! - part 2- Pastor Jeff Messer

We need men who will lead in their families, in the church, at work, and in our government.  Men who will choose to do what's right and necessary according to God's Word. In part 2 of Pastor Jeff's message about godly choices he looks at three more choices that Moses made that pleased God.  Text: Daniel 11:32

June 25, 2020- Wednesday Bible Study

 Isaiah 55:8-9- Pastor Jeff Messer

June 21, 2020- Sunday Morning Sermon

 A Life of Godly Choices!- part 1- Pastor Jeff Messer

The impact that our choices have in the future should never be underestimated. Being a godly man involves choosing to do what is right and necessary day after day. In today's Father's Day message Pastor Jeff looks at three godly choices that Moses made that went against worldly wisdom but in the end gloified God and demonstrate to us the long term impact of choosing God's way.  Text: Hebrews 11:23-29

June 17, 2020- Wednesday Bible Study

 Psalm 28-  Assistant Pastor Aaron Smith 

June 14, 2020- Sunday Morning Sermon

 Dealing With Disappointment - Pastor Jeff Messer 

Pastor Jeff teaches on three lessons about disappointment that come from Exodus 15:22-27 where we find the Isrealites who just passed through the Red Sea and then experience the disappointment of bitter water in a place called Marah and responded by grumbling against Moses (and God).  Find out how your disappointments are God's appointments. Text: Exodus 15:22-27

June 10, 2020- Wednesday Bible Study

 2 Timothy 2:8- Pastor Jeff Messer 



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