February 23, 2020- PM

The Man from the Tombs- Pastor Jeff Messer 

In this mesage Pastor Jeff looks at  Jesus' encounter with a man who has a shocking condition who receives  a shocking cure , followed by a suprizing consequence and a suprizing response by the people.. text : Mark 5:1-18


(Note: Sermon starts at 1:05 minutes)

February 23, 2020- AM

Galatians Series- You Were Called to be FREE!!- Pastor Jeff Messer 

True freedom has 4 parts; opportunity, ability, desire, lasting joy.  As the apostle Paul continues on the theme of freedom in Galatians chapter 5 pastor Jeff outlines  how believers are called to freedom, how freedom leads in two directions,  how those who are free serve one another in love, and  how liberty with out love leads to mutual destruction.  that are seen in verses. Text : Galatians 5:13-15

February 16, 2020- AM

Galatians Series- Freedom- Pastor Jeff Messer 

In this message Pastor Jeff explores what freedom in Christ looks like . Living by grace vs the law was being challenged by those who came after Paul to the galatians.  This passage addresses how living under the law stops your spiritual progress, pulls you away from God, leads to errors, produces spiritual confussion, and removes the stigma of the cross. It looks at what counts, that is faith alone in Christ.  Text : Galatians 5:1-11



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Are we made right with God through obeying the law or is it by God's grace? Find out as Pastor Jeff spends several weeks exploring the book of Galatians and how it applies to us. We hope you will use this study in Galatians as an encouragement for you to pursue a life of holiness, not in your own strength but in the knowledge of God’s empowering grace in your life.