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Journey to Bethlehem

Journey to Bethlehem, a walk through family adventure, is a spectacular re-enactment of the city of Bethlehem as it looked, sounded and even smelled over 2000 years ago.

The city of Bethlehem, constructed in the Zion Bethel Family Center gymnasium, literally comes alive with over 100 church members dressed and portraying Bethlehem citizens, including tax collectors demanding money, shop keepers selling their wares, beggars crying out for your compassion and even some gruff Roman guards.  Buy some bread!  Pet the donkeys and goats!  Listen to the innkeeper as he complains about his overflowing inn!  Watch the potter spin the wheel.  There are musicians, perfumers, fish mongers, and even a spectacular 12 feet tall synagogue, where young men are taught the Scriptures.  Over 30 marketplace booths to visit before you reach the quiet, cave-manger where you’ll see the baby Jesus and his parents.

There is no charge for admission to Journey to Bethlehem.  It’s a perfect indoor adventure for children, families, groups, and people of all ages and is wheelchair accessible.  A journey begins every 10 minutes.

This event takes place in December each year. This walk through adventure is free and open to the public.